Can we change the scale of a model in staad? Right click of mouse. Click on Labels- Scale.


What is Beta Angle in Staadpro?

Beta Angle When the local x-axis is parallel to the global Vertical axis, as in the case of a column in a structure, the beta angle is the angle through which the local z-axis (or local Y for SET Z UP) has been rotated about the local x-axis from a position of being parallel and in the same … Continue reading What is Beta Angle in Staadpro?

How to define constant for concrete structure in staadpro editor?

If all members are in concrete. Than after defining properties you have to define constants. In editor you can define constant command as given below: CONSTANT E CONCRETE ALL DENSITY CONCRETE ALL POISSON CONCRETE ALL BETA 40.37 MEMB 62   Where last line is just example showing 40.37 angle and 62 is member number.