What is High Performance Concrete (HPC)?

High- Performance Concrete (HPC) contains mineral components and chemical admixtures having very specific characteristics, which give specific properties to the concrete. HPC has achieved the maximum compressive strength in its existing form of microstructure. The requirements for HPC used for the nuclear waste containment structures of Indian Nuclear Power Plants are normal compressive strength, moderate … Continue reading What is High Performance Concrete (HPC)?


What is Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)?

Reactive Powder Concrete(RPC) is a developing composite material that will allow the concrete industry to optimize material use, generate economic benefits, and build structures that are strong, durable, and sensitive to environment. Reactive Powder Concrete was developed in France in the early 1990s and the world's first Reactive Powder Concrete Structure, the Sherbrooke Bridge in … Continue reading What is Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)?

Civil Engineering Basic Knowledge

How many days u can use cement from the production date? 3 months from the production date What should we do after slab casting? We should provide grouting after slab casting for fill up the voids. How much maximum deflection of a beam should be accepted in American Standard? Span Length in mm/360 =mm Formula … Continue reading Civil Engineering Basic Knowledge