What are advantage of Ductile iron pile?

Rapid installation Low overhead installation Low vibration for interior work High capacity      


Ranjit Buildcon’s 1st launching gantry for #Ahmedabad Metro .

Ranjit Buildcon's 1st launching gantry for Ahmedabad Metro is almost ready! This & others will build a 4.85 km viaduct btwn Motera - Ranip. Alignment of Ahmedabad Metro’s Motera – Ranip section – view Ahmedabad Metro map & information  

Core Cutting In Reinforced Cement Concrete Structures

Cores are generally cut with the use of a rotary cutting tool having diamond bits. In this way, a cylindrical specimen is acquired normally with its ends to be unequal, parallel and square and occasionally with embedded pieces of reinforcement. Core cutting is performed for the following reasons :- To detect firmness and density of … Continue reading Core Cutting In Reinforced Cement Concrete Structures