Future Changes in Construction Industry


  • Construction Software and Full Integration

One of the elements that has made construction software so indispensable has to do with the fact that it allows for the real- time exchange of information between the various project agents.

This means a significant decrease of budget miscalculation and task delays.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

A crane operator will have the same type of helmet as a modern- day Apache helicopter pilot. This will allow crane operators to get far more precise movements and see all angles of the crane as it swings from one point to another.

  • Next Generation Tools

Devices and robots come with their own software. The software comes with updates and eventually machine learning. This means the average low- level worker is potentially replaceable in 20 years.

  • New Workforce Type

The advent of new technologies in combination with the extensive use of software has started transforming construction in to a promising career field.

  • Green Construction

The amelioration of the construction process in conjunction with the productivity increase allows for a ‘greener’ construction process to arise. There are still many who are reluctant towards green construction due to higher cost during the construction process


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