Low Density and Thermal Efficient Concrete for Terrace Overlay

New Picture.jpg

Ramakrishna Mission – a renowned charitable organisation, Belur Math, Kolkata were facing a problem of water seepage on their top floor. Additionally they wanted to maintain an even level on the terrace, which will reduce the seepage problem. But since this is an old and heritage structure they were looking for a product that will not increase the dead load on the structure at the same time enhance thermal insulation and effectively replace Brickbat Coba(BBC) and floor tiles. Based on these problems, Nuvoco suggested Mega Light Weight Concrete (LWC), which will help in achieving the regular level of the floor without increasing any dead load on the structure. Altogether 46 cum was supplied with a density of 1000/1200 kg/cum.

Mega Light weight Concrete from Nuvoco offers a density of 800- 1800 kg/m3 while reducing the structural weight and is an efficient alternative to brickbat coba. It is a low density and thermal efficient concrete and has a quick turnaround time with consistent qualtiy.


  • Better thermal insulating capability
  • Easier to place and saves time (surface is ready to use within 24hrs)
  • Reduces dead load on existing structures
  • Exceptionally low densities are available up to 800 kg/cum.

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