How to calculate weight of mild steel bar

Weight =  Volume x density
Since its cylindical shape
Volume of bar = pi()*h*(d²)/4 mm³
where h is height of cylinder bar
d is diameter in mm
Weight density of steel = 7850 kg/m³
Here we considering for 1m length, so h = 1m
Volume of bar = pi()*h*(d²)*(10⁻⁶)/4
= pi()/4*h*(d²)*(10⁻⁶)
Here we have coverted dia from mm to m
Volume of bar = (7.85*(10⁻⁷))*(d²)
Weight of bar = Weight density x Volume
or unit weight of steel = 7850*(7.85*(10⁻⁷))*(d²)
= 0.00616225 *d²
or can be written as = d²/ 162
where d is diameter of bar in mm
25mm bar weight per meter = 25*25/162
= 3.858024691 kg
Weight of steel = (d²/162)*length



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