Types of Shear Reinforcement

The following three types of shear reinforcement are used

  • Vertical stirrups
  • Bent up bars along with stirrups.
  • Inclined stirrups.

Vertical stirrups

  • These are the steel bars vertically placed around the tensile reinforcement at suitable spacing along the length of the beam. Their diameter varies from 6mm to 16mm.
  • The free ends of the stirrups are anchored in the compression zone of the beam to the anchor bars (hanger bar) or the compressive reinforcement.
  • The spacing of stirrups near the supports is less as compared to spacing near the midspan since shear force is maximum at the supports.

New Picture.jpg


Type of vertical stirrups:

  • Single Legged Stirrup
  • Two Legged Stirrup
  • Four Legged Stirrup
  • Six Legged Stirrup

Bent up Bars along with Vertical Stirrups

  • These bent up bars resist diagonal tension. These bars are usually bent at 45°.


Inclined Stirrups

  • Inclined stirrups are also provided generally at 45° for resisting diagonal tension. They are provided throughout the length of the beam.



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