India’s Tallest ATC tower to open in December

A new air traffic control (ATC) tower is expected to begin operations in December at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India. The tower is considerably taller than the airport’s existing 60m-high tower, which was built in 1999. Constructed at a cost of Rs3.5bn ($53.8m), the structure will be the seventh tallest ATC tower in the world. The 101.9m tower will be managed by the Airports Authority of India (AAI), which stated that trial runs will commence shortly.

In April, the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation unveiled plans to increase the airside capacity of Delhi Airport to 95 movements per hour at peak time in the next three years.


What is High Performance Concrete (HPC)?

High- Performance Concrete (HPC) contains mineral components and chemical admixtures having very specific characteristics, which give specific properties to the concrete.

HPC has achieved the maximum compressive strength in its existing form of microstructure.

The requirements for HPC used for the nuclear waste containment structures of Indian Nuclear Power Plants are normal compressive strength, moderate E value, uniform density, good workability, and high durability.

What is Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)?

Reactive Powder Concrete(RPC) is a developing composite material that will allow the concrete industry to optimize material use, generate economic benefits, and build structures that are strong, durable, and sensitive to environment.
Reactive Powder Concrete was developed in France in the early 1990s and the world’s first Reactive Powder Concrete Structure, the Sherbrooke Bridge in Canada, was erected in july 1997. RPC is an ultra- high strength and high ductility cementitious composite with advanced mechanical and physical properties. It consists of a special concrete where the micro-structure is optimized by precise gradation of all particles in the mix to yield maximum density.
RPC is composite of very fine powders ( cement, sand, quartz and silica fume), steel fibers (optional) and superplasticizer. The superplasticizer, used at its optimal dosage, decreases the water to cement ratio (w/c) while improving the workability of the concrete. A very dense matrix is achieved by optimizing the granular packing of the dry fine powders. This compactness gives RPC ultra- high strength and durability. RPC have compressive strength ranging from 200 MPa to 800 Mpa.

What are advantage of Ductile iron pile?

  • Rapid installation
  • Low overhead installation
  • Low vibration for interior work
  • High capacity