Hazard due to use of ladder on a construction site

If you use a ladder on a construction site, then the answer is YES.

Ladder Hazards
Ladder Hazards

Falls are the leading cause of deaths and injuries in the construction industry.
•Each year, more than 4,000 construction workers are injured so seriously by ladder falls  that they miss work.
•Each year, about 70 construction workers DIE in falls from ladders.

Electrocution Hazard
Falls aren’t the only way to get hurt on a ladder! Contact with overhead power lines can be fatal. Make sure your ladder is positioned at least 10 feet away from power lines. Aluminum conducts electricity. Fiberglass is a better choice when working near electricity.

To avoid a fall …

Inspect the ladder before every use Inspect the rails, rungs, feet, and spreaders or rung locks of your ladder for defects or damage every time you use it. If you see any damage, tag it “do not use” and request another ladder in proper working order. Always check your ladder’s duty rating to make sure it will support you and your tool belt!

Position your ladder properly
For all ladders:
• Make sure you have level, solid footing for your ladder.
• Position the ladder near your work to avoid overreaching.
For extension ladders:
• Set the base one foot away from the building for everyfour feet of height.
• Tie off the ladder at the top – and bottom where possible!

Use the ladder safely
•Maintain three-point contact with the ladder at all times.
•Do not stand on the top two rungs of a stepladder,or the top four rungs of an extension ladder.
•Have your partner hold the ladder to steady it as you climb up and down
•Don’t carry tools and materials while climbing. Usea rope to haul or hoist materials to the upper level!

Is a ladder the right tool for the job?For work at heights, consider using a scaffold or aerial lift. The wider work platform and guard rails can reduce your risk of falls.


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