To check The Dead load as per Staad for no of floors

1. Self weight (columns,beams and shear walls for the entire building)
2. Brickwall over the exterior beams except on shear wall only are added.
3. The dead load on slab- Self weight of slab+Finish+Construction load +15% for furniture, staircase, water tank etc is added with an intensity of 6KN/Sq.m.

A manual check for these items are carried out as:

  • Dead load: Area of floor x no. of floors x intensity of load
  • Brickwall load:
    Total length of beam in one floor =
    Load per floor =
    Load due to brickwall alround exterior beams =
    Load due to Parapet 1.0 m height of 4.5” wall=
    Total dead load due to brickwall =
    • COLUMNS =
    • Beams for all floors
    • Shear wall:

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