Unit Command in Staadpro

UNIT METER KN The sixth line in editor defines the unit. Above line defines unit is in meter and KiloNewton. You are allowed to input data and request output in almost all commonly used engineering unit systems including MKS1, SI2, and FPS3. In the input file, the user may change units as many times as … Continue reading Unit Command in Staadpro



MAPS AND MAP SCALES Map Scale The size of earth is too big to be represented as it is on a map. It is the relationship between distance on map and distance on ground that tells what distance on map corresponds to what distance on ground. Representation of scale  There are three ways in which … Continue reading GIS: TYPES OF MAP SCALES

Example of Joint Coordinate command in StaadPro

JOINT COORDINATES 1 0 0 0; 2 6.5 0 0; 3 0 5.4 0; 4 6.5 5.4 0